Hello World: My New Journey

Prologue: Late night thinking

Everything starts when your going to sleep. A million and one things flowing through your mind as you try to mentally wind down. What will dinner be tomorrow? Did I remember to make lunch for tomorrow? I need to wash clothes…I need to make sure this or that gets done tomorrow. Finally your mind winds down and you sleep. But sometimes, in the darkness, you start to think…how can I change my life for the better? What can I change in my life to make me happier? What is in my life that currently brings me joy? That answer used to be Church. I would volunteer and go to creative team meetings and have the time of my life. Networking, dancing, drawing. I LOVED being creative. I also loved to help out, empower people to go to Bible Study groups, get in community, and grow in Christ. I volunteered in everything from Kids ministry to Hospitality. Of course the best times were in Creative Collectives when everyone would get connected to different things. I loved just about every subject. Especially…Graphic Design. I thought heavily on these things one night and discovered…without church…I had nothing in my life that brought me true joy or happiness. My life was good…it was blessed…but I was not fulfilled.

Next Steps: Daytime Thinking

Over the following days I started thinking on what I could do about my situation. Currently I have an accounting position. Bad pay but great benefits. I talked to family and friends about it and one common thing was suggested. Go back into Programming/SQL. I’ve never talked about this on my personal blog, but after my graduation I had issues getting work. It’s why I never was able to go back to blogging. My job hunt after obtaining my degree in Management Information Systems was not what I thought it would be. After months of trying to find entry level jobs that would get me into Database Administration I finally landed my first Tech position…at a call center. I will spare you the details of the rest of my journey but you can see a list of my experience laid out on LinkedIn if your curious.

Making a Plan

The more I thought about getting back into looking for what I thought was my dream job the more discouraged I felt. I decided to start from the beginning. Looking up the skills I learned at college and finding what jobs matched those skills. Somehow I stumbled onto Web Development and Design in my search. I honestly can’t believe I never thought of it before now. I graduated back in 2016. That is 5 years of not working with coding or graphic design. I can’t draw at all anymore and while I can read code (granted I can only understand about 40 % or less of what I read) I can not write from scratch like I used to. My skills are very dead…but I think its time I get them back.

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  1. Tuttie says:

    So heart warming. When I was searching for what career would suit me best in life my aim was to just get a JOB but forty years ago life was different. I know that I had a natural for programming but I never was able to get into the field. Mainly due to prejudice in the job market. But GOD blessed me in my endeavors. Man did not.

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