Plan START: #100DaysOfCoding

Over the following week after deciding to get my skills back, I went through a LOT of Youtube videos and Google reviews. I learned of the 100 days of code challenge and thought, yea I should take that challenge…but where to code? After looking at all the free options I realized, with my ADHD, I would need structure. Structure that can not be found at free websites like codecademy or freecodecamp. After a lot of research, I thought that Team TreeHouse was my best option. It was only 25 a month to learn the basics and 200 a month to get a “Techdegree”. Much cheaper than bootcamps coming in at a low price of 13 to 18 GRAND. Oh yes, you read that price tag right. However, during my last few days before I was about to start my free trail, I found a blogger who somehow mentioned a place I had not heard of yet (shocking). That weekend I picked up my moms Laptop , whom I was visiting, and went straight to I started searching and YouTubeing and I found nothing but positive reviews. I saw a button for a “free code camp”, no sign up or anything fancy necessary. PERFECT!

I have decided to see this free camp through to the end. Then afterwards, I will try Team TreeHouse for thier 7 day trail. After all that, I will decide between the two of these options. This is definitely not as cheap as Team TreeHouse. However, you pay 2,500 one time, and you have the curriculum forever. In that sense, it is cheaper. For now, let the learning begin.

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