#100DaysOfCode – Day 7

Well…this was unexpected. Let’s begin with a small rant shall we?…The fact I could do the free code camp at Skillcrush without any credit card information really made it easy for me to try them out first before Team Treehouse. I think this really played a role in which “trial” version I did first. Which is very unfortunate for Team Treehouse…because I have fallen in love with Skillcrush. Free should mean free. You don’t have to try to trap those who forget to deactivate their trail version. At least that’s how I see what they are trying to do when they ask for my card information for something that is supposed to be free. Rant over! Now let’s talk more about Skillcrush!

The way the videos are formatted is perfect for new beginners. Lessons are explained in speech (videos) and text. So it caters to both kinds of learning (reading and listening). There was also a “Feedback Challenge” in the free code camp that lets you see exactly how it is to have an Instructor respond to your work. And it is not a generic robot automated response. It is real feedback that are helpful. Lastly, they give a discount and a free course at the end of the code camp I was not expecting for completing the free boot camp. Now let me say that I have seen Team Treehouse YouTube videos and SkillCrush. I can say off of the free camp experience, the YouTube videos gives a good idea of how the course videos really look and feel. Lots of energy. Clear and concise direction. Not too much overwhelming information at once. First impressions are first impressions…and I am hooked. I signed up for SkillCrush right after finishing their free boot camp ( a 3 to 5 day experience). But even now, I still have 14 days to change my mind. So, Stay tuned!

Now I do plan on someday going back and still going for the Team Treehouse Tech Degree. I read that you can test out of subjects and I guess I will get to test that feature since I will be learning through SkillCrush first. Before I go…I know that someone somewhere is like me. Reading reviews. Searching for answers on what to do and how to learn. If you have found this blog post because of your quest for answers, I want to give you some motivation. Keep searching for what works for you and your learning style. Don’t get stuck in this “deciding” phase. Give yourself a month tops. Pick a platform. Pay and study hard. I highly recommend two YouTubers that really encouraged me to go for this and document my journey (which has literally just begun). Nicole.Young and Chris Sean. Above all, remember this: If you want it, don’t wait for the world to acknowledge you can do it. Instead, show the world what you have to offer.


  1. cjepps281 says:

    Awesome! Best of luck to ya. I’m glad you’re trying out Skillcrush.👍🏼

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    1. Cutekitt3n says:

      Thanks! I need all the luck I can get!!! And it’s all thanks to you. Before I saw your blog I was going to go for Team Treehouse. But after doing the free coding camp I was sold on Skillcrush. I was shocked there was a resource site I had not seen yet with all of the research I THOUGHT I had done.

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  2. cjepps281 says:

    Happy to help! That’s part of why I thought it’d be good to blog about these types of challenges people go through. You’re not alone on this journey.

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    1. Cutekitt3n says:

      Thank you so much! It is so important to have community! and I personally love the Skillcrush and WordPress community.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. cjepps281 says:

        Me too! They’re really helpful.

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