#100DaysOfDesign – Day 14

Hello everyone! So far I have loved every minute of my SkillCrush experience. I even had some technical issues, and the team was able to fix it in a few days. Very impressive. I have to admit. I was supposed to be doing the Front End Developer Track but after going through the boot camp, I fell in love with Web Design. Don’t get me wrong there is still coding in the course, but that seems to be much later. Guess I am now doing a #100DaysofDesign challenge! As a bonus, I can switch between the two “Tracks” any time I want. So I have. Definitely might take me longer to get to the end of the course but hey! This is a Journey, not a race to the finish line. I can honestly say I am learning and having fun along the way.

I did end up having to buy another Laptop. I could not handle the slowness of my moms laptop and, more importantly, adobe only works on windows 10. Her laptop was a windows 7. Kinda hard to take advantage of a free 7 day trial when your windows can’t handle it. There was so much I just couldn’t do. Some of that is my poor internet. But a lot of it was the slow laptop. So far I am VERY happy with my new yet used purchase. If you are on a budget like me I would highly suggest these budget friendly laptops. Yes, they are used and old but they run like a dream with a SSD and if you hook a LinuxOS up to it I am sure it is like fire. I personally plan on making a bootable Linux USB to use on this sometimes. Some suggestions to anyone who is on a tight budget like me; Look on Craigslist, Ebay, or offer up.

As a closing note, make sure that whatever you are using you are happy with. Pens, Journals, Laptop/Tablet and whatever else you may use on your “How to Learn Coding/Design Journey”. After all, most courses are 6 months or longer (mines is 4-5 months). You need something you love spending a lot of hours on. Now on-wards to another productive day!

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