#100DaysofDesign – Day 21

Well this was unexpected…I…Have…COVID…Well God bless my breathing, and let’s get to work! I will admit that I have never been able to dedicate more time to Skillcrush than right now (since I can not work from home with my job) but I will also remind you that my time is very split between self care and studying. After all, I am asthmatic and, by medical standards, obese. So this is a very deadly virus for me to have.

This week I managed to finish 1…module? Fittingly called “Web Design Fundamentals”. It was surprisingly hard for me to learn all that there is to this “Design”. It’s funny, back when I was deciding on my Major for college, I chose to not go for Graphic Design as it was an art. And art is subjective. 100% based on your opinion. What is good to one person is not good to another. However, in this class I am learning that Web Design is not as much of an art as I thought. Yes, there is some creativity in it. Though there are rules and standards that, when followed, will produce a “perfect” design that is “accessible”. I can say, with a lot of confidence, that I have finally produced a design comp that looks like a real website.

There are times that there are assignments that they say we should post on twitter with a hashtag…But I do not have a twitter…and if I did I would have no idea how to begin to use it. Maybe I will start posting it here…somewhere is better than no where right? Well until next time, keep me in your prayers and stay safe everyone!

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