#100DaysofDesign – Day 42

Hello everyone! I have been having issues, as I am sure you can tell by my absence. Do not fear, the power of health care is here! I have seen a few specialist so far trying to get better but I hate not posting on here every weekend. For now I might lower my standard to once every two to three weeks…for now…

These past few weeks have been full of unexpected sicknesses. But I am preserving non the less! Here is another Snap shot of some things I have been working on in Skillcrush this week. As a side note, I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday. I must say, after getting COVID (and still suffering from its after effects), I am DEFINITIVELY thankful for the health I DO have. I know this is short post again but hope this is still interesting and informative to know what kinds of things Skillcrush will have you do on the designer track. I have to say, so far I am loving Skillcrush. But of course the big question of the day is, can I really break into tech with these skills? Stay tuned!

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