Good Morning online family <3. I know I have been MIA lately so I wanted to use this brief time I have to say hello! I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas with your families and a fun/memorable New Years with your friends (thinks of COVID)…maybe not too may friends, haha.

I have been suffering pretty badly from what I can only assume is post COVID issues (gastro/stomach pain and digestion issues AND breathing issues). I have been to a few doctors and specialist already and none have really helped much. I do believe in the power of prayer so all prayers are appreciated at this time. Of course with health issues this means I have not been able to dedicate the time I normally was to Skillcrush. Work has also been very trying since I returned. In the end, I started looking for jobs which also took my time away from this blog and Skillcrush. It feels like a month since I have been on here and I want to say it’s been just as long since I have dedicated time to Skillcrush, which is sad since I am now so close. I have an interview this week I am nervous for in two ways; 1) now my job knows I have been looking (since I have to request off time to go to the interview) and 2) the interview itself. I will be studying as much as I can to prepare for the interview this week. The last time I interviewed was….8…10 months ago? I’m a bit rusty. All tips appreciated! I promise someday I will get back to Skillcrush and tell you all about it but sad to say I have officially lost he 100 day challenge, hahaha. But with the circumstances going on, it really could not be helped. Time to head off, have a wonderful weekend everyone and stay safe!

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  1. cjepps281 says:

    For the interview, be sure to gather some questions of your own, to ask them. Treat it like a 2-way interview where you’re also speaking with them to make sure the company is a great fit for you.
    Be honest about what has you looking for another job, without verbally bashing the current company you’re with. At the end of the day, you’re thinking of what’s best for your needs. So approach it like a business discussion. Good luck!


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